The Studio

With over 20 years experience in radio and voice over, the time finally came to have a studio of my own. Built by my amazing husband and completed in spring 2007, we are equipped with:
  • Audio Technica AT4050 microphone
  • M-Audio DMP3 dual mic preamp
  • M-Audio 1010LT soundcard capable of high quality digital recording in high definition.
  • Panasonic SA-XR55 Digital Amplifier
  • HP DX2200(upgraded with enough memory to power the local senior center)
  • 23" Wide screen Acer monitor
  • Studio Monitors are VIFA Solo Kit by Madisound, built by my audiophile brother Dave
  • Sony Vegas 6.0 editing software
  • All protected with an APC Battery Backup/Surge Protector
The studio is a separate outbuilding, measuring a cozy 9'4" x 9'4", and I'm having such a great time, it's difficult to tear myself away! Fortunately, there's no restroom down here...  

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